Compact Builder Features

THERE IS ALWAYS someting to be enhanced or updated in your website !

The fastest way to update your existing website !

You do not need about HTML programming: just type in your text, choose fonts, insert pictures that is all: as easy as writing a text!

Create exciting new websites from our templates without any technical knowledge! NO FTP, NO EXTERNAL PROGRAMS, No files to be uploaded, no script to be installed

Just navigate the web with your usual Internet Explorer program then press the edit mode within your Internet explorer:
That is all: edit your web page within the Internet explorer! Then press the publish button and you website has been uploaded.

Insert images from your pc or directly linked to the website simply navigating the Internet explorer.

Insert any HTML tags graphically without having any HTML knowledge at all: just choose to insert an image, table, texts,
Choose the attributes of the tags and your home page is ready.

Do not worry about how to locate your elements on your web page: insert them and drag them with absolute positioning.

Compact builder is the easiest and fastest way to update information of your existing website or to make one from zero:
Just navigate the web with your common Internet explorer browser, edit the pages you want to be updated and publish them:
Web publishing has never been easier!

Need to insert a link to another web page?
Just navigate the web and choose the web page you need to link!

Edit your dynamic pages such as JSP, ASP, PHP, CGI, and PERL etc. Compact builder will allow you to change the static content of your WebPages: no dynamic script will be altered or changed so the functionally of the dynamic part of the website will not be changes.

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